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¡Hoy hace un mes que pusimos en marcha Food For Good Bcn! Desde entonces, hemos colaborado con 15 entidades, a las que hemos entregado 12.624 menús saludables para personas sin recursos.


¡Feliz Sant Jordi! Nosotros no entregamos rosas ni libros, pero sí 777 menús. Lo que sí hemos recibido es pan de Sant Jordi de Hidden Factory Barcelona. ¡Muchas gracias!


Hoy empezamos a colaborar con Cáritas, que se suma a la lista de entidades con las que ya trabajamos. Entre todas, este mediodía han recibido 937 menús.


Banc dels Aliments nos han hecho llegar 1.000 kg de alimentos, imprescindibles para elaborar los menús que entregamos a su fundación y a las otras entidades.


Hace 3 semanas que empezamos Food For Good BCN, y desde entonces hemos entregado 7.439 menús. Gracias a todos los que hacéis que este proyecto crezca.


474 platos de codillo con patatas y escalibada han llegado a Nutrición sin Fronteras, la fundación ASSÍS, la fundación Arrels y la fundación Amics de la Gent Gran.


Hoy hemos entregado 634 menús: hamburguesa de ternera, macarrones y verduras. ¡Seguimos sumando! 


Tenemos nuevo campamento base: las cocinas del Hotel Crowne Plaza Barcelona son ahora nuestro motor. Gracias por cedernos este gran lugar.


Gracias Restaurante Tierra por darnos la esperanza, los recursos y el impulso para llevar a cabo este proyecto. ¡Seguiremos cocinando!


¡Todo nuestro packaging ya es sostenible! Gracias a MC Packaging Sostenible por su ayuda.


¡Hoy hemos entregado 589 menús! Han ido para Nutrición Sin Fronteras, San Egidio, la Fundació Arrels y DKV.


Hoy hemos entregado 272 menús a San Egidio, la fundación Arrels y, por primera vez, también a la fundación ASSÍS.


Hoy hemos entregado 580 menús a Nutrición Sin Fronteras, San Egidio y la Fundación Arrels: poke bowl con atún, arroz, burratina, guacamole, habas y flan de postre. 


Hoy hemos entregado 630 menús completos a Nutrición Sin Fronteras, San Egidio y la Fundación Arrels.


Trabajamos con Nutrición Sin Fronteras para asegurar la calidad de los platos. ¡A día de hoy les hemos entregado 1.031 menús!


Hoy hemos entregado 350 menús a Nutrición Sin Fronteras y 80 a la fundación Arrels. 


Entregamos 350 menús con plato completo, postre y bebida a la ONG Nutrición Sin Fronteras.


Todos los platos y menús que elaboramos desde Food For Good son equilibrados, sabrosos y nutritivos.


Food for Good BCN elaboramos menús saludables para las personas más desfavorecidas que sufren las consecuencias del Covid-19.

Who we are

Food For Good Bcn is an initiative born from the solidarity of the gastronomy industry with the aim of cooking and distributing healthy, rich and balanced menus to the most disadvantaged people in our city, most of them homeless.

In just 48 hours, chefs, restaurateurs, purveyors and people who did not know each other have come together to initiate this initiative and join efforts to help those people that they need us more than ever, especially in times like this when we have to take care of each other more than ever.

We have a clear mission to cook and create food with excellence and to provide people in adverse situations with more healthy nutrients and balanced menus.

Mission and Values

Our mission is to provide prepared packaged food to the local non profit organizations such as the Lluís Companys Foundation, the Baluard Association, the Arrels Foundation, the Community of San Egidio or the Metzineres collective, among others, so that in situations like the one we are currently facing, they can supply hot food and nutritious meals to the most disadvantaged groups of our society.




saludable y



Our Team


Juan M. Umbert
Guillem Solé
Guillem Mitats
Eva G. Hausmann
Nathi Toro
Víctor E.
Adrià Colominas
Ignacio de Juan-Creix
Stefan Winter


Elisenda Calduch
Kindra Clewett
Lourdes Cano Salleres
Roger Rueda

Communication and Design

Bloc D


Carlos Borrell
Joana Terhorst

Kitchen Staff

Cucho Puig
Xavier Moron Uceda
Gemma Codina Vila
Alberto Sánchez Calero
Olga Cros Gallego
Adrian Leal
Marcel Villanueva
Mamadu Cande
Zairy Argento
Robert Argacha Ramallo
Alejando Suarez Navarro
Maria del Rosario Maggi Marinucci
Domenico Zantbelli
Pol Armengol Atserias
Clara Miquel Pons
José armando amador zuniga
Benjamin Malave Aguilera
Santiago Recio Ortiz
Ricardo Vila Gomez
Hector Suarez Espinosa
Sergi Trujillo Serra
Daniel Morros Figuerola
Carlos Gil Ortiz
Roger Rueda
Samantha Vargas Roberti
Jorge Ruiz Huerta
Pedro Calvo Blázquez
Falassa Sidibe
Anibal Olmedo
Juanjo Rodriguez Thomas
Gabriela Alejandra Rabanal Robles
Sergi Ferrer Fernandez

Social Work

Food for Good Bcn aims to put tangible and intangible resources to one of the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic: feeding all those who are homeless or in a situation of social exclusion, as well as helping non profit entities that are overwhelmed by the demand.

Some of the social challenges our city faces is that the few entities that remain open have seen that the demand has been increasing, they are running out of food; given that most of their providers for such basic needs such as hotels, schools and restaurants have also closed due to this pandemic. Our main goal is to provide a solution to make sure these entities remain operational during the remainder of this global crisis and are able to embrace more citizens in need.

Entities with which we collaborate:

Operations and protocols

The food is cooked in our central kitchen at Restaurante Tierra in the heart of Barcelona where we also receive ingredients from hotels, restaurants and private companies. Our team of chefs are creating dishes with the help of our nutritionist so that the meals are well balanced and nutritious. We then package the menus and deliver them to the different NGOs.

We work hand in hand with Nutricion sin Fronteras (Nutrition without Borders), a NGO based in Barcelona and their motto is to eradicate malnutrition in the world. They are able to provide us with the food safety protocol endorsed by the Public Health Agency and are responsible for doing a biological sampling to ensure that the dishes are 100% free of pathogens and to activate a protocol for the recovery of the food.

01. Priduct delivery

We create product inventory and records including: product traceability, origin, donated quantities, expiration dates and providers.

02. HACCP (Hard Analysis and Critical Control Points)

We have a complete and rigorous control of temperature in every refrigeration system, incidences and the kitchen cleaning protocol.

03. Disinfecting the work area

Kitchen, surfaces and utensils used in the elaboration of the meals to maintain the best hygiene standards in every process.

04. We are creating menus with a nutritional content

All of our menus are nutritionally balanced containing vegetables, fruits, carbohydrates, proteins (animal and vegetal).

05. Identification of possible food allergens, food sensitivities and items of non consumption (pork)

Preparamos los menús teniendo en cuenta los diferentes grupos de alérgenos, así como los productos según las culturas alimentarias.

06. Recipe Sheets

We are developing recipe sheets to ensure all of our menu items contain the basic nutritional properties.

07. Reception and ordering of products

We maintain control of the products received to make the forecast of menus and to know the demand that we have to request from our  food and packaging providers.

08. Portion calculation

We use reverse engineering with recipe development, transforming serving portions into grammage units to understand the needs of the product and request what is necessary to supply demand.

09. Food labeling

We register the entry and exit of the food.

10. Inventory

We control all the product that enters the kitchens.



The NGO Nutrition Without Borders, whose mission is to contribute to the reduction of nutritional inequalities in the world based on human rights, from the perspective of cooperation, education and training, promoting the balanced use of food resources and the solidarity between peoples, in accordance with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.
Thanks to Nutrition Without Borders, we cook for the Lluís Companys Foundation, the Baluard Association and the Metzineres collective.


The Espigoladors Foundation is a social and local company that fights for the proper food use and the social and labor inclusion of those individuals with a risk of exclusion. Its main task is to recover food, directly from the fields of the primary sector, which were to be discarded from the market due to aesthetic and price policies. More than 95% of the food they recover is distributed among various distribution services to promote the right to healthy food for vulnerable people, and with the rest they make canned vegetables in their workshop, a space for labor inclusion.
Espigoladors joins Food For Good BCN to supply the population with fresh and fit-for-consumption food that would otherwise have been wasted.


The DKV Group is part of ERGO, one of the largest insurance groups in Germany and Europe. In Spain, DKV is implanted throughout the territory with a wide network of health insurance offices and doctor’s offices, where almost 2,000 employees work, serving nearly 2 million customers.
DKV has been promoting initiatives related to corporate responsibility for more than 20 years and is committed to disseminating and promoting actions that improve people’s health and well-being. Given the current situation, more than ever, DKV develops projects committed to our society such as or #ningunmayorsolo.



Restaurant Kitchen

Restaurante TIERRA
Restaurante AGUA
Restaurante LA RUBIA


Chef Works
Farmacia Hausmann 
La Destilateca
MC packaging sostenible
Taxis de Barcelona

Thanks to

Barcelona Centre de Disseny
Bibian Blue
Cuchillos Artero
Cuchillería Lamas
Font Packaging Group
Fundació Josep Santa Creu
Laura Mur
Més Magenta
Òptica Universitària 
Personaliza tu ropa
Pegaso Safety
Silvio Elías
Vanguard Gràfic  


Food Providers

Alaska Sea Foods
Andreu Gastronomía
Arroz Bayo
Bob Oysters
Campofrío Smart Solutions
Can Sumoll
Carnicerias Al Amir
Carniceria Segarra
Cofradia de los pescadores
Cotton Sushi
Cultius Jaume’s Noe
D’Aglà i D’Enceball
Domingo Grau
Els Pollos de Llull
Escorxador d’Aus Torrent i Fills
Escola Virolai
Frutas Antonio
Frutas Tony
Foods for tomorrow
Fundació Banc d’Aliments
Fundación Damm
Gallina Blanca Foods
Garda Import
Grup Cano
Grupo Llambrich
Guzmán Gastronomía
Health Warriors
Ken Foods
Koppert Cress
Krusta group
Legume Chef
Luque Ecológico
Mini Verdures Germans Riera
Muxa Kombuxa
Nice Fruit
Olis Bargalló
Patatas yago Galicia
Palacio de Marques de Viana
Peccatum 7
Reial Club de Tennis Barcelona
Restaurante Shoko
Restaurante El Principal de l’Eixample
Santa Rosalia
Zumos Linda

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If you are one of the following groups, contact us through the following links:


For this collaborative project you can make a donation to the following account number
ES79 3140 0001 9300 1331 1800.



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